Document Imaging

Free Estimate & 30 Day Free Trial! No Setup Fees! No Software Costs! No software to download!
No Annual Maintenance Fees! Pay only for storage used!

Minimal Setup for Scanning Documents:

  • Make sure PC has minimal operating system, appropriate service pack, and MS.NET Framework 2.0 (Free download from Microsoft)
  • Plug a scanner into your PC

Web-based Viewing:

  • Image Viewing is completely web-based

Easy to Use:

  • Scan your document pages a batch at a time
  • Index your documents by a file name for later ease of search and retrieval
  • Simple web-based image viewing interface


  • Documents stored encrypted at secure Datacenter that is backed up nightly
  • Web-based access is via secure password login only
  • Additional security restricted to users by project and function


  • Web-based access to imaged documents 24/7
  • Uploading of imaged document batches 24/7
  • Single signon to scan, index, upload, view, and edit documents

Document Scanning Features:

  • Auto-compression of image files to minimize storage space
  • Customer defined indexing to customize your search and retrieval
  • Advanced document cleanup including blank page detection

Image Viewing Features:

  • Quick printing and emailing of scanned images
  • Scanning of additional pages to existing documents
  • Editing of indexed values

$25 monthly minimum includes 1 GB

Each additional GB $12.50

(Typically 20,000 pages per GB)



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