Data Center and Managed Service

Free Estimate! No hardware costs! No maintenance costs! Low setup fees! Affordable!


  • No need to purchase or maintain hardware
  • Hosting servers are housed at climate-controlled secure data center
  • System resources are professional monitored
  • Most easy and affordable way to get a server up and running


  • Secure remote login
  • Full system nightly backup to encrypted backup server
  • Allocation of memory and hard drive resources
  • Easy real-time expandability of memory and hard drive resources


  • Use of existing Microsoft Remote Desktop to securely log into your virtual Microsoft server and administrate
  • 24/7 Web-based access to manage virtual server

Professional Setup and Support:

  • Installation of most up-to-date version of Microsoft server
  • Customized allocation of system resources
  • Professional maintenance of virtual server configuration

Please call for customized bid