Document Scanning

Eliminate the need for labor and time locating files! ImageStore allows access your documents- Anywhere, Anytime! Fast, Accurate and Inexpensive way to digitize and store your files.


  • Documents are indexed using key phrases, established by the customer, for easy retrieval.
  • Existing electronic files can be indexed and uploaded, in their native state. Also multiple of versions can be saved within a common index phrase.
  • No project too large or too small


  • Scanning is done into ImageStore through the VCS website using your own networked or local attached scanners.
  • Stored documents are fully text-searchable (OCR) for easy retrieval.
  • Access documents from any location with an internet connection and proper credentials, including tablets and smart phones.
  • Single sign on to print view and update documents.
  • Documents are grouped into Projects. Indexing is CUSTOMER DEFINED by Project. No limit to the number of projects.
  • No setup fees, no software costs, no license fees. Only pay for the storage space used.


  • Access to stored documents is via SSL connection.
  • Files, at rest, are stored, encrypted, in the VCS ImageStore vault, located in central Illinois.
  • Facilities are owned by Federal Companies, parent company of VCS. No outside storage vendor or non company personnel are used or have access to the facilities or data.
  • Sign-on required to scan, index and view documents.
  • Only administrator has access to password information. Users have no access to change or alter assigned passwords.
  • User authorization is by project(s) and function(s) to be performed. (View, print, email, update, scan)
  • User access can be restricted to day(s) of the week and certain times of the day.


  • Please see our HIPPA Compliance PDF. Please click here.

Cooperate with good quality

The File Center offer professional, cost effective, solutions to space problems coused by less active records. As an extention of your company's filling and business record management program, The File Center also offers a full range of innovative services to assist in the maintenence of your sensative business documents.

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