Why Data Protection

Protecting your critical and compliance data must be taken very seriously. Your job may depend upon it. Past studies have shown a 100% certainty of losing critical data from any computer enterprise at least once in a five-year period. Data recovery can be simple and easy for businesses which follow best practice guidelines for protecting their data; those who don’t are likely to cease operations within two years. Which kind of business do you run?

Whether its hard copies or digital, your business data is crucial to the history and stability of your company. So much data in digital form ushers in a new age of vulnerability and of risk to your business’s continued existence. Critical data loss is expensive, whether it’s destruction of physical or electronic information. Data loss may involve illegal acts and can seriously threaten the survival of an unprepared business. At a minimum, recovery of lost data can be very expensive. Moreover, the recently enacted Sarbanes-Oxley Act provides civil and criminal penalties for some companies if data supporting financial reporting cannot be recovered on a timely basis.

The File Center NARA Approved

We are NARA approved

It's a BIG deal to be NARA approved. Only a select few companies in America have the privilege to receive the federal seal of approval for government document storage. To be NARA approved, further expresses the strict guidelines we follow to ensure the security of your documents. Click here for more information.

Cooperate with good quality

The File Center offer professional, cost effective, solutions to space problems coused by less active records. As an extention of your company's filling and business record management program, The File Center also offers a full range of innovative services to assist in the maintenence of your sensative business documents.

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